Building Materials are a market leader in the trade industry (B2B), selling a wide range of building supplies.

A real fixer-upper

Their site was being held back by legacy link issues and penalties. There were large scale technical SEO issues and instances of duplicate content, as well as a lack of targeting and optimisation. Building Materials wanted to improve their organic traffic and revenue by 25% year-on-year, so we constructed a plan to fix these problems and help them achieve their goal.

Laying the foundations

We started by:

  • Removing the link penalty
  • Building genuine authority into the site (200+ high quality placements secured) 
  • Identifying and resolving the technical SEO + site structural issues
  • Improving the overall site content quality 
  • Carrying out on-page optimisation and schema markup
  • Managing a major platform migration

Concrete results

Building Materials’ organic traffic increased 103% and their revenue increased by 208%. Proof that the heavy lifting pays off.

“Through resolving legacy off-site issues and providing expert on-site technical SEO support, Reddico has helped deliver exceptional growth for our business.” Phil Lidgerton, Managing Director