New Spotify Updates

Posted by Megan-Rae Grove
Last updated 10th March 2020

Spotify have really upped their offering in the last year or so, creating an affordable biddable platform.

Spotify currently offers audio ads to play to all non-premium users. You can target based on: genre, artist, city etc. The platform even offers a free service to create the audio ads for you, complete with in-house voiceover. You send the script and ask for the tone and Spotify does the rest. This is great for smaller events, businesses etc that don’t have the budget or time to get creative made and set up. 

The platform is still very much in its infancy and targeting is still limited as it continues to develop itself. 

The most recent update, although small when compared to the developments being made by the other biddable giants, is a vast improvement on the original offering.

So what’s new? 

You can now choose from 13 new call-to-action buttons for new and existing ads. These include: Get Info, Buy Tickets, Shop Now and many more. 

Now, this looks like a small change, but any good PPCer or marketer knows it’s all about a clear call to action. Adverts need to have a clearer advertising goal. Ads with calls to action deliver higher click-through rates. It makes sense to give the listeners of your ads some direction on what to do after listening. 

Spotify is really one to watch in terms of up-and-coming platforms, especially for ticketed music events and other related marketing opportunities. 

They have also promised a big release soon. In their own words: 

It’s a brand new decade and we’re hitting the ground running!

Watch this space. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about Spotify advertising or any other pay-per-click marketing, get in touch. We are always happy to have a chat. 

Posted by Megan-Rae Grove