The company has been set up with a focus on development, technology and design. The goal is to apply this ethos to the fast-paced and complex world of digital, and our objective is to provide our clients with the highest quality technical and creative digital marketing available in the marketplace. We want our clients to feel they can trust us to act in their best interests. We focus on fun. Our belief is simple. The happier our team, the better work we will deliver.

Our team

Our team of consultants are a mix of some of the brightest creative and technical brains in the industry and we pride ourselves in keeping ahead of the game to ensure we provide you, our customers, with the very best services the industry can offer.

Our Team

We’re a young, positive and energetic company. We’re innovative. We take the path less travelled. We push the boundaries. We work extremely hard. We play to win.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality marketing campaigns, software and tools to our clients that are performance led.

  • We’re transparent.
  • We want to share our cutting edge technology and techniques with our clients.
  • We are proud of the work we do and stand by it.
  • We want our clients to be able to trust us. Building trust takes time.
  • We focus on fun.

Our belief is simple, the happier our team, the better work we will deliver.

Our Brand Values - The 3 Ts

Trust. It all starts with trust. Trust runs through the entire business.

Transparency. Transparency with clients and colleagues.

Training. Investing in our team and clients' success.

Join Us

Join Us

We are always looking for creative and technical people to join Reddico and help us in our mission to provide some of the very best digital marketing in the industry.