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Reddico announced as 9th in UK’s Best Workplaces™ 2019

Luke Kyte

Posted by Luke Kyte

09 May 2019

We’re delighted to reveal that we’ve been listed as 9th in the UK’s Best Workplaces™ 2019.

In a night of celebration and coming together of some of the UK’s finest workplaces at the Tobacco Dockyard in London, we were announced as 9th on the small businesses shortlist, with recruitment firm McCarthy scooping up the accolade of being the best place to work in the UK with fewer than 50 employees

It’s our first year of inclusion in the Great Place to Work® awards, which takes into account a Trust Index (anonymous team survey) and reviews the business’ policies and structure to determine workplace standards.

To make the shortlist, we needed to secure a Trust Index of at least 85% – with our results coming in at 96%. The Trust Index asks dozens of question over 20 different categories, including:

  • Job security – 100%

  • Strategy and direction – 100%

  • Diversity – 100%

  • Engagement – 98%

  • Teamwork – 98%

  • Wellbeing – 96%

  • Our culture – 96%

The Great Place to Work® awards, which is the UK’s largest survey of workplace cultures and people practices, is considered the ‘gold standard’ of employer awards.

Over the last year, we’ve completely revolutionised how the business functions, by introducing a manifesto of changes that have shaped the framework to offer incredible flexibility to our team. Some of the changes we’ve rolled out include:

  • Offering self-regulated (uncapped) annual leave.

  • Letting teams choose their own working hours

  • No restriction on flexible working, so the team can work from home whenever they want to

  • Transparency across the business with company financials

  • No more managers – now everyone has a ‘personal coach’ and a department lead

  • Team enabled to set their own goals and targets

  • Everyone in the business helps to decide on new hires, with a culture interview introduced as part of the process

Since the launch of this manifesto we’ve seen a number of amazing benefits, both from a team wellbeing, and profitability perspective. This highlights that offering true flexibility to the team can greatly increase productivity and profit margins.

One of the most effective changes has been our work-life balance policies, which let the team have as much annual leave as they need, choose their own hours, and work from home whenever. We haven't built a list of rules into how these are used, giving the team an opportunity to self-regulate within their respective teams.

We only hire adults, because we need people who can manage themselves responsibly. To roll these policies out, we had to have faith that the team would practice them without having a negative impact on each other, or their clients. Trust, and the belief that everyone is doing the very best they can, helped us to really drive these changes.