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Reddico is a B Corp

We’ve always believed in making a positive impact on the lives of our team, our clients, and the communities in which we live and work. But we decided to go a step further and went through the rigorous process of becoming a certified B Corporation.

What’s a B Corp?

B Corps are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. The movement is accelerating a culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Globally, over 7,000 companies have now been certified and include high-profile brands that you’ll be familiar with, such as Allbirds, The Body Shop, Patagonia, and Waitrose.

The movement is accelerating a culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy

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Why did we decide to become a B Corp?

Becoming a B Corp recognises the way we want to run our business now and in the future, bringing us in closer alignment with our purpose.

The assessment process

In order to become a B Corp we went through an assessment process, covering our approach to five key areas of our business:

  1. 1. Governance

  2. 2. Employees

  3. 3. Community

  4. 4. Customers

  5. 5. The environment

To qualify for certification, a company needs to score 80 points during the process. Reddico achieved an overall score of 91.3 points and gained certification in August 2022.

1. Governance

As part of becoming a B Corp, we changed our articles of association. We’re legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on all stakeholders: the team, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the community, and the environment.

2. Employees

We’re a people-first company. We want Reddico to be a great place to work, providing everyone with opportunities to progress in their careers, contribute to how the company runs, and receive competitive compensation and benefits. You can read more about working at Reddico on our careers page and our policies and benefits in the Reddico Handbook.

3. Community

We want to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We donate a percentage of our revenues to charities and good causes, with priorities chosen by the whole team annually. Where possible, we look to forge long-term relationships with our charity partners.

4. Customers

We aim to make a measurable difference to our clients’ businesses, with every project built from scratch to create bespoke SEO campaigns. We’re open and honest in our business relationships and don’t make promises we can’t keep.

5. The environment

We make every effort to reduce waste and minimise our impact on the environment. Reddico is a remote-first business, so our team doesn't have to commute and we don’t use water and energy in an office. We plant trees through Ecologi and in 2021 we took the Million Tree Pledge, becoming part of a group of individuals and businesses committed to planting over a million trees. We also use Ecologi to offset the carbon footprint of each member of our team.

What are we doing now we’ve been certified?

To maintain our accreditation, we have to re-certify every three years to demonstrate that we continue to meet rigorous standards. In the intervening years we provide updates on our progress by publishing an Annual Impact Report.

Sideshow board

We also have a five-year plan for 2022 onwards, which we put together to grow our impact:

  • Continue to improve our B Corp score

  • Attract other B Corps to work with us

  • Build a progressive, forward-thinking culture

  • Create amazing experiences for the team

  • Give an estimated £335,000 to eco and community initiatives

  • Take a significant step towards our Million Tree Pledge

  • Work with, and solve problems for, enterprise clients

Finally, as part of the Sideshow Group, we aim to:

  • Drive culture improvements and eco and charity impact mantras in the wider group

  • Continue to increase revenue and profitability by fostering successful relationships with new and existing clients

  • Build our brand in the SEO space

  • Build tools and develop our technology to help people work at their best, automate what we do, and help us scale

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The environment

Our Eco Circle holds regular educational sessions around sustainability topics voted for by the team, such as food waste, decluttering, eco anxiety, travel, electric cars, and single-use product swaps. These are created to help the team make more environmentally friendly choices in their everyday lives.

On a wider scale, we plant a large number of trees every month through the Ecologi platform, which also contributes towards our Million Tree Pledge. At the start of the 23/24 financial year we increased this number and remain on track to reach a million trees by 2030. Million Tree Pledge donates to Eden Reforestation Projects, which employs local people to plant trees in eight countries worldwide.

We also use Ecologi to offset carbon emissions, helping to fund projects that capture carbon, protect existing forests, and build renewable energy generators:

  • Avoiding methane emissions from landfill in Brazil

  • Protecting the Matavén forest in eastern Colombia

  • Solar power project in Morocco

  • Distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya

  • Wind power project in Mexico

  • Peatland restoration and conservation in Indonesia

  • Turning local organic waste into electricity in India

Climate positive workforce
Trees planted
Carbon reduction

Charity and community

We recognise our responsibility to make a positive contribution to society, both in Kent (where our office was based before we became fully remote) and across the UK.

We dedicate a percentage of our revenue to support causes we feel strongly about, from local charities to families in need. But we don’t just make donations — our Community Circle gets us involved in fundraising events and volunteering, too, including a fire walk for Taylor-Made Dreams and a supermarket sweep challenge for Medway Foodbank.

Kent B Corps

Naturally, we love to work with like-minded companies. Two of our clients, Audley Travel and Forest Holidays, have already certified, and we’re part of the active B Corp community in Kent, which includes companies like Cook, Elvis & Kresse, Grow Up Farms and Haeckels.

To find out more about becoming a B Corp, visit B Lab UK.

Facts and figures


Our overall B Impact score


Qualifies for B Corp Certification


The median score for ordinary business


Donated by Reddico in the previous financial year to charitable organisations across the UK and the world


Our Million Tree Pledge target was reached


Workdays for people in extreme poverty have been created by Eden Reforestation Projects, which the Million Tree Pledge donates to, since 2004


Trees planted with our funding


Tonnes of carbon avoided by Reddico

Who we are

Team members from multiple areas of the business come together to boost our B Corp efforts.

Vicki Salih
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Vicki Salih,
Finance Director
Luke Kyte
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Luke Kyte,
Operations Director
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Laura Clews,
HR & Recruitment Manager
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Beth Tolson,
Senior Content Writer
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Neil Holland,
Marketing Lead
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Lucy Roberts,
Office Administrator