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Site migration SEO

As organisations grow and evolve, there comes a time when a site migration is desirable or necessary, be it in order to move to a new CMS platform or domain, or implement significant changes in the design or architecture of a website.

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Consider the impact on your SEO

A crucial part of the site migration process is to consider the impact it could have on your SEO and have a clear plan in place to protect the investments you’ve made in building site authority and organic traffic.

Get it right and chances are your achievement will go unnoticed. Get it wrong and the consequences can be painful and costly  – especially for eCommerce sites.

At Reddico, we’ve got years of experience in helping our clients through successful site migrations. We’ve also helped remedy the results when things have gone wrong for others.

If you need support from a team that has expertise in site migration SEO, we’re here to help.

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At Reddico, we’ve got years of experience in helping our clients through successful site migrations.

Types of site migration


Involves a domain name change. 

The most complete and complex type of migration.


UX change (different logos design, look and feel, but the same domain).

Normally the simplest type of migration (doesn’t involve remapping).

Web consolidation

Bringing properties together (i.e. if a company acquires another company and is redirected).

Can be very complex.

Platform changes

Upgrading your CMS or adopting a new tech stack

Platform-specific elements will have to be checked.

Site migration process

01. Planning and preparation

Ensure the correct processes and tasks are mapped out, depending on the migration type:

  • Benchmark performance

  • Plan content and structural changes

  • Plan redirect mapping

  • Crawl staging site for technical evaluation

02. Launch

Deploy any redirects and ensure all aspects from a technical level are correct:

  • Testing

  • Review

03. Post-launch

Troubleshoot, test, and give analysis to provide feedback against KPIs:

  • Site health evaluation

  • Visibility checks

  • Performance monitoring

  • KPI measurement

Here’s a useful checklist

We use this helpful checklist to manage site migration SEO for our clients.

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