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Sharing what matters to us has always been at the core of what we do – and that extends to our impact on the digital marketing landscape. Whether it’s setting the standards for workplace culture, showcasing our expertise to help others learn, or representing the SEO industry in the media, we always strive to provide genuine value for readers and viewers.

If you’d like to find out more about the impact we’re having, the recognition we’ve received, and guidance on a variety of topics, check out our media appearances below.

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March 2024 - SEO
How to start using AI content in your marketing

By brightonSEO - The Internet Marketing Podcast

December 2023 - CULTURE
The Power of Coaching in Self-Managing Organizations

By HappyHenry - Corporate Rebels

December 2023 - Agency Business
How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency

By Chris Haines - Ahrefs

November 2023 - Awards
Auto Trader’s Successful Campaign: Dominating the EV Market

By Enrico Tomasso - Motor Mouth

November 2023 - Awards
Autotrader on securing a prominent position in EV sales market

By Editorial - The Drum

June 2023 - Awards
Reddico wins Best Large SEO Agency at the European Search Awards 2023

By Neil Holland - European Search Awards

March 2023 - Culture
Why rest and recovery are key to success

By Luke Kyte - Corporate Rebels

December 2022 - Agency Business
How Reddico boosted The Cotswold Company’s non-branded, organic traffic

By Awards Analyst - The Drum

July 2022 - CULTURE
Reddico is trying to change the way we think about work

By Ben Falk - workingdads

November 2022 - Agency Business
Achieving the B Corporation Certification, with Nick Redding

By Kevin Dunn - Agency Unfiltered

June 2022 - Culture
How to get promoted in a company with no managers

By Luke Kyte - Corporate Rebels

April 2021 - SEO
A buyer's guide to SEO

By Luke Redding - The Drum

March 2022 - SEO
The future of SEO. Will AI take it in a new direction?

By Sahra Sancar - Holloway Express (News from students at London Metropolitan University)

December 2021 - Company News
Reddico joins forces with the Sideshow Group.

By Neil Holland - The Drum

December 2021 - Culture
Among the best places to work in the UK: How Luke Kyte, revolutionised his company.

By Champion Health - The 12 Minutes of Workplace Health Podcast

September 2021 - Awards
UK's Best Workplaces in Tech 2021.

Great Place to Work

September 2021 - Climate and Ecology
How agencies are fighting the climate emergency.

By Sam Anderson - The Drum

August 2021 - Agency Business
Choosing an Agency Podcast. Nick Redding, Reddico. Series 1/Episode 8.

By Alex Holliman - Choosing an Agency Podcast

July 2021 - Culture
Reinvent Your Organizational Culture. Here's How.

By Luke Kyte - Corporate Rebels

July 2021 - Agency business
Keeping the spark as you scale: shared values.

By Chris Sutcliffe - The Drum

July 2021 - Agency Business
Martin Norbury Chats with Nick Redding.

By Martin Norbury - High Frequency Fridays Podcast

June 2021 - Culture
Trust, freedom and responsibility - becoming a self organising company with Luke Kyte.

We got this Podcast

May 2021 - Culture
Putting People First with Luke Kyte. Episode 43.

By Susan Ni Chriodain - Life Beyond The Numbers Podcast

June 2021 - Culture
Building a people first SEO Agency

By Luke Kyte - The Drum

May 2021 - SEO
Leona Storet Slythe talks to Ashley Jones about Core Web Vitals

Marketing Showcase (YouTube Podcast)

April 2021 - Awards
Company Culture Awards 2021 Winners

Company Culture Awards

April 2021 - Awards
UK's Best Workplaces 2021

Great Place To Work

April 2021 - SEO
Image optimisation for SEO

By Neil Holland - The Drum

March 2021 - Awards
Finalists revealed for The Drum Awards for Search 2021

By Eleanor Lim - The Drum

March 2021 - SEO
SERP Speed compares your page speed at keyword level

By Neil Holland - The Drum

January 2021 - Agency Business
Reddico with Nick Redding & Carl Hendy

Agencyside Podcast

February 2021 - SEO
eCommerce and SEO. Is it a dark art?

The eCommerce Growth Show (YouTube Podcast)

September 2020 - Awards
European Search Awards Winners 2020

European Search Awards

September 2020 - SEO
Episode 36: Enterprise Replatforming SEO with Carl Hendy

Re:platform Podcast