SEO technology for our clients

Our development team focuses on creating tools that help us answer questions raised by ever more complex data, solving the most difficult technical challenges and automating labour-intensive tasks.

Software Designed
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Creating our own tools

At Reddico we tried and tested nearly all the enterprise SEO platforms on the marketplace. We often found our clients were paying for tools and services that were outdated, bloated and didn’t integrate with their internal business intelligence platforms. So we built our own.

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A suite of tools to collect and analyse website performance data using AI

Our advanced platform Lacuna is the first step in collecting information about how a client site is performing, from rank checking to deep content analysis – and everything in between. Our advanced AI can combine all of this data to reveal unique insights our SEOs can act upon.

  • Collects data from over 400 unique custom metrics

  • Collects and compares data from sites that compete in Google and Bing

  • Automatically identifies issues and suggests corrections

  • Automates complex manual tasks to offer deeper insights and enable faster response times for our clients

  • Learns about and understands specific niches

A powerful link building research tool

Krang can scan millions of websites per day, in order to find websites to link to that are most relevant to a client's site. It fully understands what Google likes about backlinks (and what it doesn’t) and makes outreach suggestions accordingly.

  • Custom crawl engine built for scalability to scan the ever-growing web

  • Able to understand and identify sites based on relevance and reputation

  • Can make suggestions for outreach based on over 150 separate factors

  • Adapts and understands how links are treated by major search engines

Our unique CMS platform with a focus on SEO, speed and security

While currently available content management systems have ever-present security threats, and usually poor implementations of SEO compatibility out of the box, Verbis is a CMS like no other. It stands on the shoulders of our combined knowledge in SEO and technology to produce a platform that is extremely powerful, secure, and optimised to rank. With deep integrations into Lacuna this is truly a one-of-a-kind platform.

  • Written in a compiled language which makes the codebase safe from typical script injections, as well as extremely fast

  • With a level of customisation either not available elsewhere or only possible with plugins, freedom of design is baked in

  • Advanced server and page-level SEO optimisations available at the click of a button

  • Connections to our AI system Lacuna help users to craft pages that rank based on real time data