How we helped InnovAge grow their organic traffic by 47%

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Operating across five U.S. states, InnovAge helps seniors live independently for as long as possible. Their programme of all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE) offers an alternative to residential nursing facilities. Seniors receive customised healthcare and social support at a nearby PACE centre. Each participant has a team of medical experts dedicated to providing personalised healthcare and support to help them remain in their homes.

The brief

When we first got in touch with InnovAge, they had been seeing a subtle but steady decline in their organic traffic for a year and a lack of SEO growth despite new editorial going live on the site. Nearly all their organic traffic came from branded keywords, very little from searches for their services or care centres: the site ranked for 0 PACE related terms.

We needed to understand what was preventing the site from ranking well for non-branded terms, and reduce the reliance on people already knowing about InnovAge to get to the site. We saw this as a huge opportunity to help.

What we did

We implemented a three pronged strategy.

Firstly, content was king. We focused on keyword research and optimisation for service pages around PACE, as well as helping with Google My Business strategy in order to get these pages to rank when people searched for related terms in specific areas. We also developed a content strategy and wrote long-tail informational, but highly relevant, content for their niche: to rank, but also to place InnovAge as a thought leader in their field.

We also supported their internal content strategy in order to provide information and tips on which content pieces would show the most probability of ranking, and how to optimise it, what to include, etc.

All of this to aid the site in ranking for specific “transactional” terms around their services, as well as more informational terms for a person who may be interested in their services in future: playing the short and long game simultaneously. 

Secondly, we looked at trust signals and helped to identify areas in which the site could send better EAT signals to Google. From author profiles and internal linking strategies from these to specific content, more visibility on information about InnovAge etc.

Finally, we helped with site-wide improvements from a technical perspective, ensuring that Google can find, crawl, understand, index and thus rank the site with more ease.

The results

There’s still work to be done, such as branching out the keyword strategy, more on site technical changes and huge gains can be made in terms of link building, but our collaborative efforts are now paying dividends.

Rankings have leapt forward with an overall 163% increase of terms on the first page, including 111 additional keywords ranked in the top 3 positions.

Consequently, the site has enjoyed 47% growth in organic traffic, with 40.5% new users* and a notable 128% increase in non-branded impressions.**

 * May 2021 - May 2022

** February 2021 - June 2021 vs. February 2022 - June 2022

+47% Organic traffic
+128% Non-branded impressions
+163% Page 1 keyword rankings
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