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How the pandemic has reshaped our company culture

Luke Kyte

Posted by Luke Kyte

08 April 2020

In times of uncertainty, people respond in different ways. And as an industry, as a nation, and as a world, these are most definitely uncertain times.

We closed the office before the official lockdown of the UK was announced just over two weeks ago, cancelling our annual work retreat to Lisbon concurrently. It was a tough call, and difficult to swallow following months of preparation and excitement.

But it was the right decision.

Little did we know just a couple of weeks later the high streets would be ghost towns, the streets deserted, the healthcare system on the brink of fracturing, and the government announcing a string of policies to temper the collapse of businesses countrywide.

We also didn’t quite realise the power of our team.

I’ll return to the opening line – people respond in different ways. Yet at Reddico, it’s been a show of unity. A togetherness and team spirit to the level of which had never been reached before.

Friends and family are struggling with their health, clients are adapting to the growing challenges, and our team are getting to grips with a world of isolation.

You would be forgiven for thinking it’s all doom and gloom.

To the contrary, our internal communications have become not just a glimmer, but an effulgence of positivity. As a company, we’re closer together than any team building event or pub lunch could achieve.

Yes, we’ve had to adapt to virtual meet-ups, ropey internet connections, conversations disrupted by lag, and makeshift work spaces. But we’re pulling through this together.

Someone commented last week “... this is everyone’s company.” And it rings true in the actions and intentions of the team.

I’ve talked a lot about developing a culture of trust, freedom and responsibility. But right now, the culture of caring is one that’s shown to be truest of all.

  • The team are regularly sharing tips and ideas for being just as productive whilst working from home.

  • Internal comms are filled with mental health support and inspiration.

  • Reddico’s Managing Director, Nick Redding, is briefing the whole company once a week on the latest developments and plans, to keep everyone informed.

  • An online quiz replaced our monthly ‘culture Friday’ last week.

  • The social team are organising all-team virtual get-togethers and putting together a host of other events we can join in online.

  • Our charity committee is donating money to support the NHS’s battle to beat the coronavirus, and sharing volunteering opportunities to help our local communities.

  • The Cheers4Peers channel is chock-a-block from the team sharing their thanks and appreciation for others.

  • Departments are having daily huddles to connect, share ideas and prevent each other from feeling isolated.

  • Reddico has expanded mental health support to the families of those in the team, and made it clear everyone will be supported and protected throughout the pandemic.

  • And much more.

We know there are hard times to come. We know Reddico isn’t out of the woods yet. We know there are big challenges and tough decisions to make in the future.

And we also know the pandemic hasn’t broken our company culture.

It’s alive and kicking – stronger than ever, and thriving.