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Reddicon Update: Q2 2018

Beth Tolson

Posted by Beth Tolson

07 August 2018

2018 is proving to be a year of change for us. And for the better. This has never been more apparent than at our latest quarterly update, where the plans from our new manifesto were set into motion.

This is a year of setting up for the future and, as director and founder Luke Redding reminded us, by making our values clear from the start, we can work together towards a sustainable future. We’re pleased to say we’re noticing the impact, as we beat our targets for sales and team happiness in the last quarter.

This time round, the update kicked off with Team Content introducing the new Reddico style guide. This will be used by everyone on this blog very soon – keep an eye out for new posts, plus a behind-the-scenes look at how we’re developing as a company.

Reddico Office

Doing our best for clients and the local community

Responding to client feedback is an important part of each update. We use the Net Promoter Score survey to see how happy they are and where we can improve. A strong relationship means the client trusts our recommendations and we can push forward quickly to get the best results, so this honest feedback is valuable for everyone.

One of our core values is to make a real and meaningful impact, not only on our clients but on the local community. We announced our new charity committee at Q2 2018 and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can make a difference to a number of important causes. Last quarter, we were pleased to donate to Sandown Outdoors so they could complete their polytunnel and kit it out. The cause helps primary school pupils learn about the environment by using hands-on methods, such as growing their own fruit and veg.


The most immediate change for us is the introduction of OKRs – objectives and key results. Over the past few weeks we’ve all come up with three objectives each for the next quarter (two business-related and one personal), which were revealed at the update. From improving the client onboarding process, to offering training sessions for other members of the team, everyone has chosen goals that will help us grow, hit annual targets, and flourish as an agency.

Transparency will increase collaboration as we try to hit our objectives, helping us to all work more closely as a team. Stay tuned to see if we reach our goals.

G of the Q

The announcement everyone looks forward to is G of the Q – the person who’s had the most positive impact in the office.

This time our well-deserving winner was Vicki Salih, Finance & HR Manager, whose unwavering willingness to offer help and support to everyone is appreciated by us all. Congratulations, Vicki!

Reddicon Dinner


After the update we made our way to Capital Karts in Barking for an afternoon of go-karting. You’d be forgiven for thinking our carefully-built team spirit flies out of the window at the mere mention of a competition, but it’s all part of the fun.

Go-karting was a new experience for quite a few of us. Once we took our positions on the track, the competitiveness took over and we were off. A qualifier determined our positions for the actual race, with some people taking naturally to the sharp turns and bends of the course.

The race was 35 minutes of full-throttle action, with plenty of overtaking, drifting and the odd crash. Although the day’s considerable heat left some of us feeling uncomfortable in our boiler suits, gloves and helmets, the majority stayed on to cross the finish line – with some people managing nearly 30 laps.

The final results:

  • 1st place = Luke Redding
  • 2nd place = Luke Kyte
  • 3rd place = Holly Jackson

Nobody predicted the winners, with the two Lukes and Holly earning well-deserved places on the podium.

The day ended with tasty Thai food, beer and cocktails at London restaurant Busaba, where we toasted the quarter’s successes and looked forward to the next one. We’re excited to see what Q3 will bring. Follow us on LinkedIn, where we regularly post company updates, and feel free to tweet us if you have any questions.