Our recruitment process

There are four stages to our recruitment process, and the following is what you can expect during the application process:

  • Fact-finding call: After you’ve submitted your application, if we like what we see and want to find out more, we’ll arrange a call between you and our in-house recruiter. It’ll be a chance for both parties to ask more questions and ensure the role is right for you.

  • First interview: You’ll then have a first interview. This can take place in person or virtually (depending on your location and preference), and will be with at least two people from the department. It’s a chance to find out more, understand your skills and experience, and work out if we’ll be a good fit. 

  • Technical task: Following the success of the first interview (and depending on the role), you’ll be asked to complete a technical task and may need to present back to a number of people in the team. 

  • Culture interview: The final stage of our recruitment process is a culture interview. This is an open and honest conversation with other people from the team on subjects such as: what it’s really like to work at Reddico, the various practices and policies, our values, and your self-awareness. This isn’t to catch you out. It’s important you know the challenges of working at Reddico, and to give us confidence that you’d flourish in this environment.


Our onboarding process is a little different from the norm, and instantly puts new team members in the driving seat. As a self-managing organisation, we feel it’s important for new colleagues to embrace this way of working right from the start. 

On your first day you can expect a welcome presentation, detailing all the immediate need-to-knows and giving you some background information on Reddico. You’ll then meet other people in your team, talk about work, and get set up on our various internal systems. 

It’s at this point onboarding is put into your hands. 

You’ll be given access to your own Trello board, with links and information on everything you might need to know or find out over the first few months. How you approach this is up to you. You’ll be able to reach out to other departments to arrange an introduction, learn about our way of working, and even sign up to the lottery syndicate. 

You’ll be able to take onboarding at your own pace, and build it around your other work commitments. There will also be space to document lessons learned, and highlight instances where you’ve aligned with Reddico’s three values (both of which become important during your probation period).


Reddico’s probation period is 6 months. This is an opportunity for both sides to work out if this is the right role for you. During this time, we’ll be looking at things such as: 

  • How you’ve aligned to Reddico’s values and culture.

  • The performance targets discussed at the start of your probation, including the goals you set for yourself.

  • 360 reviews and feedback from your team.

Referral bonus

There is a £500 referral bonus for anyone in the team who refers a candidate for any role (and they go on to join Reddico and pass their probation period).

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