Team Benefits

Profit share

Regardless of which area of the business you work in, everyone can help to maximise both revenue and profit. Each quarter, 5% of company profits are paid into the team. This is an equal amount for each colleague (pro rata), although individual departments make a decision on how the money will be split (as a team). 

Mental health support

We understand just how important the mental health of our team is, and the challenges many people face on a daily basis. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Sanctus to offer ongoing mental health support. The team can book a session with our dedicated coach (on a particular day each month) and talk about whatever’s on their mind. These sessions remain strictly confidential.

More information about Sanctus can be found here:

Financial education

Many of us leave school without a sound financial understanding. We’re not taught about the practicalities of managing budgets, getting onto the property ladder, how pensions and investments work, or how to protect your family. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Wronski Wealth Management to provide the team with sessions that cover life’s key milestones. These are run throughout the year and help to provide extra knowledge and equip the team with the information they’ll need.

Annual retreat

Each year we take the team on holiday for a long weekend. It’s not mandatory, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to bond with your colleagues outside of work, whilst enjoying some amazing experiences. 

In the past we’ve visited Budapest, Barcelona, Oslo, and we’ve also skied on the Austrian slopes. It’s an all-expenses-paid trip, and a chance for the whole company to celebrate our joint success.


Our quarterly Reddicon events are four of the most highly anticipated times of the year. They’re another brilliant opportunity to talk to different people in the company, whilst enjoying something a little different. 

In the summer and winter we host a bigger event. This includes a company update in the morning – discussing challenges, successes, and what the future looks like across the business – before taking on an activity in the afternoon. 

Previously this has included London’s Crystal Maze, a zombie-filled shopping mall apocalypse in Reading, and beginner curling lessons near Tunbridge Wells. The day is capped off with an evening of food and drinks.

Fun Fridays

The last Friday of each month is our Fun Friday. An event of some kind typically takes place in the afternoon, hosted by someone in the team – the agenda can be anything they want it to be.  

Other social activities

Our social committee is always on the lookout for other ways of bringing fun to Reddico. This includes a summer party, regular PT sessions, and ad hoc trips to our local pub. 

Charity, fundraising & volunteering

In recent years we’ve taken a much stronger approach to supporting causes in our local area, setting up a community team and donating a % of revenue to charitable organisations every year. 

Our community team orchestrates our efforts, liaises with key contacts, and helps to set up lasting relationships with various charities throughout the year. As well as setting out annual goals, we also provide ad hoc support (such as helping individual families in need). 

A large part of our community work also includes fundraising, and there are events scheduled each year to help us provide even more support to the community (including the popular Christmas quiz).


Reddico is part of the workplace pension scheme, which is managed through Smart Pension. We contribute 3% each month, with full details available on the government’s website.

You also have the opportunity to switch your pension, giving you more control over what companies/futures and ethical practices you are investing in with your pension.

The following details how you can do this:

  • Log in to Smart Pension.

  • Click 'Funds' at the top of the page.

  • Choose 'Manage your investments'.

  • Select the 'Do-it-yourself' option.

  • From here, you can choose which investment funds you wish to split your contribution into at a more granular level. Some of these highlight environmental/ethical sustainability as the defining trait of the portfolio.

Cycle to Work Scheme

We’re enrolled in the UK’s Cycle to Work scheme, which is managed through perkpal. We’ll pay the upfront cost of a bike (up to £2,000), which you’ll then pay back as part of a salary sacrifice scheme – saving up to 29% on the purchase. 

Working from home budget

In the changing world of work, and as a remote-first agency, we know a lot of people will work from home throughout their career at Reddico. To make sure people can work comfortably and at their best away from the office, we have a working from home ‘budget’. 

There is no fixed amount, and the team can buy what they need to continue doing a great job. This can be anything from a desk and chair, to laptop stands, a keyboard, or even a better webcam. 

We trust our team to make the right decisions.

Private health insurance

Life insurance

When joining Reddico, you will be automatically enrolled in a group life insurance policy. This policy is held with YuLife.

If the worst was to happen to you whilst at Reddico, a £100,000 lump sum would be paid out to your next of kin to help support them financially. Our group life insurance policy should be seen as an addition to, not a replacement for, any individual life insurance policy that you hold. Everyone's personal circumstances and financial requirements are different, and an individual life insurance policy will take these into account. If you are looking to set up a will, YuLife also provides the facility to create a single or joint will through Farewill.

Financial support

At Reddico, we want to be able to support you during any periods of financial difficulty or hardship. As such, our financial support options include:

  • Mid-month pay: If receiving your pay early would help, we will arrange an advance for the middle of the month.

  • Interest-free loan: We also offer an interest-free loan of up to £1,000, which can be paid back in future payslips. The length of the payback will be discussed with you to determine a repayment plan that works. 

If you find yourself in a difficult situation financially and need support then please reach out to discuss your options. We'd rather you spoke to us before turning to other forms of short-term credit, which often only make the situation worse. We'll do what we can to help you through this difficult period. 

You can contact Reddico’s Managing Director or HR personnel to discuss these options confidentially. 

You can also seek expert financial advice from the debt charity, Step Change.


We’re signed up to perkpal, which includes the Cycle to Work scheme and offers a range of discounts from hundreds of high street stores and online retailers. You can find out more about perkpal here.